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‘Farmaile’ is a brand name under the parent company ‘Shree Vinayak Food’. We focus on cultivating 100% chemical free and pure turmeric which aids in keeping you in the pink of health every single day. Delivering authentic products without any gluten, chemicals or additives keeps us unique and respected in the market.

About Us

What Farmaile Does?

Farmaile plants turmeric in its most natural mode. Turmeric produced by us is not only beneficial for your immune system, but also plays a vital role in your skin health and glow, healing of bruises, and not to forget a better taste to your food. With Farmaile Turmeric you can be assured of keeping our planet green by not adding to the carbon footprints.


Our Products

  • Buy Beetroot Powder Online in India (100 Grams)

  • Pure Tulsi Powder in India (100 Grams)

  • Buy Wheatgrass Powder in India (100 Grams)

  • Buy Amla Powder Online in India (100 Grams)

  • Buy Giloy Powder Online in India (100 Grams)

  • Buy Pure Ashwagandha Powder in India (100 Grams)

  • Buy Ginger Powder Online in India (100 Grams)

  • Buy Moringa Powder Online in India – Prevents from Diseases

What People say

- Right from childhood, for all illnesses my mother made me drink warm milk with turmeric. Today I realize it’s the best medicine. Thank You Farmaile for preserving the tradition of pure and healthy turmeric!

Sujal Shah

- Got the Farmaile Natural Turmeric on a recommendation. Turned out to be the best spice purchase I have ever made. Till the last step of packaging everything was done so neatly that you just can’t deny them to be the best in the market. Now, Farmaile Turmeric is a staple in our kitchen!

Shamita Agarwal

- I recently tried the Farmaile Pure Turmeric for the first time. The smell and taste is just awesome! Would surely do a repeat order and recommend it all my friends and family members!

Surendra Puri.

We are firm believers of giving you natural products the way they are intended!