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Our Motto

Our motto is committed to enabling and empowering. A brand that builds lives and generates livelihood.

Quality Promise

Shree Vinayak Food is committed to providing high-quality products, therefore we work hard to source only the freshest, most nutritious ingredients and to package them in environmentally responsible ways.


To become India’s most popular chemical-free spice and herbs brand. To help nature make progress toward long-term sustainability. Providing consumers with chemical-free food options that are both delectable and beneficial for them.

We want to start a major movement that will get people eating pure food and living better like they did hundreds of years ago before pesticides were used and everything, we ate was natural and chemical-free.

To aid people in leading happier, healthier lives by supplying them with genuine natural food that has been independently verified as being pure.

The words “enabling and empowering” appear in our mantra often. We are an enduring name that helps people by generating livelihood for the needy.

Eco-Friendly Products

It’s easier than many of us realize to make environmentally beneficial decisions. By making environmentally conscious purchasing and consumption decisions, you have the power to live a more sustainable life. Modifying the things, you already use can be a good first step.

The core of our organization is made up of our deeply held beliefs. We care deeply about providing you with the best things possible to enhance your life, and we work hard to make that a reality. The fact that we will settle for nothing less than the best has helped us gain prominence.