Beet powder, often called beetroot fruit powder, is a similar bright pink or scarlet substance that is made from dried, crushed beet fruits. Beta vulgaris (beets) are ground into a fine pink powder that comes from the dried fruit of the beetroot plant. Many different types of medicines, including those designed to treat skin conditions, purify the blood, and improve the appearance of the skin, are made with beet fruit powder. The skin benefits from using natural beetroot powder in pastes and liquids.

It’s a key ingredient in many beauty products, including scrubs for the lips and hair. Natural red beetroot powder’s potent blood-purifying properties aid in the elimination of toxins from the body, which in turn aids in the treatment of infections and the prevention of aging-related problems like wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines, spots, dark circles, and other skin conditions.

Calms and Rebalances the Skin

Reduce Your Weight

Protecting Against Dandruff

Conditioner for Hair

Maintains Skin Hydration

Lip Therapy